Polyshield Car Wash Concentrate (Gallon)

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  • Item #: Y410C

Polyshield Car Wash Concentrate, fortified with aggressive yet safe cleaning solvents, is specially formulated to work in conjunction with Polyshield Shieldcoat Polish and Sealant, providing enhanced shine and protective qualities to your vehicle. Polyshield Car Wash Concentrate delivers intense yet gentle cleaning power to safely cut through and remove oil, grease, dirt, insect remains, pollen, pollution, brake dust, road salt, sea salt, car wax residue, and road film without diminishing the protective coating of Polyshield Shieldcoat Polish and Sealant. Polyshield Car Wash Concentrate contains no abrasives or alkalis, both of which dull the finish of vehicles. It also neutralizes the effects of iron and other minerals that cause water spotting.  We recommend Polyshield Car Wash Concentrate for routine cleaning of automobiles, motorcycles, boats, and aircraft. (you save $20.00)

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