Polyshield Leather Life Dressing (8oz)

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  • Item #: Y300C

Polyshield Leather Life Dressing, with mink oil, is a nutritive leather and vinyl dressing that increases softness and luster, protects against aging and cracking, and rejuvenates worn leather and vinyl items. It contains the highest quality, proprietary blend of leather and vinyl oil concentrates available, and it replenishes the oils and chemicals lost due to heat, sunlight, and age. Polyshield Leather Life also provides long-lasting protection against harmful elements, water stains, surface stains, ultraviolet rays, and heat. There is nothing on the market that restores and better protects your leather and vinyl items, including your leather and vinyl vehicle seats, dashboard, steering wheel, door panels, trim, weather stripping, vinyl tops, consoles, bumpers, plastics, under-hood hoses, furniture, household items, and leather clothing. Polyshield Leather Life should not be used on soft, porous leathers, such as lambskins, pigskins, suede, nubuck, and buckskins. If you are uncertain if Polyshield Leather Life can safely be used on your leather item, simply test Polyshield Leather Life in an inconspicuous area of that item.

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