Polyshield Pre-Cleaner (8oz)

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  • Item #: Y200C

Polyshield Pre-Cleaner is a specially formulated medium cutting Cleaning Polish and Swirl Mark Remover that safely removes oxidation, transfer paint marks, brake dust, insect remains, water spots, road tar, dirt, road salt, sea salt, car wax residue, tree sap, pollen, pollution, swirl marks, minor scratches, and minor surface blemishes. It is tough but gentle, easy to use, and it prepares a heavily oxidized or dirty vehicle surface for Polyshield Shieldcoat Polish and Sealant. Polyshield Pre-Cleaner is not a compound. Unlike compounds, Polyshield Pre-Cleaner will not diminish, scratch, or damage your vehicle’s finish. Polyshield Pre-Cleaner is also extremely effective for removing bug residue, road film, grime, and water spots on the exterior of your vehicle’s windows and headlamps, and it prepares your windows for superior visibility and protection from the elements.

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