Polyshield Spray Glaze (8oz)

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  • Item #: Y700C

Polyshield Spray Glaze is a revolutionary maintenance shieldcoat polish that delivers quick and instant showroom shine, enhanced polymer protection, and an anti-static dust / dirt repellent shield. Static charge attracts road dust, brake dust, and environmental dust to your vehicle’s surface; however, Polyshield Spray Glaze, formulated with proprietary XD-9, reduces this static charge and physically repels dust hazards from your vehicle. Polyshield Spray Glaze is recommended for effortless routine maintenance between applications of Polyshield Shieldcoat Polish and Sealant and for achieving impressive instant showroom shine and protection for carshow exhibitors, detailing enthusiasts, and responsible vehicle owners. A light application on your rims and hubcaps will repel brake dust and keep your wheels looking showroom new. Polyshield Spray Glaze is formulated for clear-coats, gel-coats, metals, glass, chrome, polished aluminum, and other non-porous surfaces.

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