Polyshield Tire and Dashboard Dressing (8oz)

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  • Item #: Y800C

Polyshield Tire and Dashboard Dressing is an extraordinary, water-based nutritive tire and dashboard dressing that delivers enhanced shine and long-lasting protection against aging, drying, fading, and cracking to your tires, bumpers, mud flaps, dashboard, door panels, weather stripping, door seals, trim, consoles, moldings, and all other vinyl, rubber, plastic, and leather vehicle components.  It is fortified with the highest quality, proprietary blend of water soluble oils and protectants, and it replenishes the oils and chemicals lost due to heat, sunlight, and age. Routine use of Polyshield Tire and Dashboard Dressing will maintain shine and provide long-lasting protection from harmful elements, water stains, ultraviolet rays, heat, and aging. 

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